Underground exposition - cultural monument - Anselm mine

anselm.jpgThe unique exposition can be found in the adits of the upper seams of the actual historic mine Anselm, where the visitors go down the mining shaft in the mine cage from the historic building of the mine in the style of industrial Art Nouveau. The way down is only a few meters long but it still makes it possible to form an idea of how the miners got to their everyday work.  

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Exposition of mining rescue services

skafandrThe exposition of mining rescue services at Landek is the largest of its kind in the world. It makes a presentation of a highly demanding and hazardous activity without which underground work would not be possible, and of technology which enables the rescuers to operate in an environment that in some respects is even more hostile than outer space or the depths of the ocean.

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Exhibits and expositions freely distributed around the premises

venkovni.jpgThe exhibits in the open area present local human activities from the Stone Age in the form of dwellings of primeval men, through the upswing of mining represented by the typical industrial architecture, to mining technology of the 20th century. Rather than a museum in the standard sense, this is a sort of combination of an indoor and outdoor museum.

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