Rozhledna na vrchu LandekIn close proximity of the Landek park there is Landek - national natural monument. The site and its surroundings feature nature trails (scientific and mining) as well as the cycling path "Odra-Landek". At the top of the hill, in close proximity of a Slavonic fortified settlement, a look-out tower was erected in 1998. The nearby blind branch of the river Odra with a rafting centre offers a range of water sports activities.


The national natural monument of Landek

  • area: 85.53 ha
  • elevation: 208 to 280 m
  • year of proclamation: 1992

The following are the subject of protection at the national natural monument of Landek:

In 1996 a medium-term programme called Revitalization of the national natural monument of Landek was created, which won the Henry Ford Award for restoration of environment and cultural heritage in Europe in 1999. The aim of the programme, which was founded in cooperation with the Landek Park Friends‘ Club, was restoration of vegetable and animal species and making accessible some of the most interesting archaeological and geological sites. In 1997 the then lord mayor of Ostrava submitted a proposal to the Czech government that it strive to have the site recorded in the UNESCO list of world heritage.