Free exposition

kombajn.jpgIt is the location of the Mining Museum in large premises where coal was actually excavated in the past, and at the same time at the border of a protected natural monument, that makes it a unique object of its kind in the world. With its uninterrupted area of 10 hectares it became the largest museum range in the Czech Republic. The exhibits in the open area present local human activities from the Stone Age in the form of dwellings of primeval men, through the upswing of mining represented by the typical industrial architecture, to mining technology of the 20th century. Rather than a museum in the standard sense, this is a sort of combination of an indoor and outdoor museum, supplemented with opportunities for various sports activities.

Apart from the two main buildings with expositions, the open area includes many other interesting objects:

  • reconstruction of a dwelling of mammoth hunters
  • exhibits of modern heavy mining machinery (mining machines, power loaders, mine-haulage locomotives, etc.)
  • in a separate building there are miners‘ washing rooms and typical chain dressing rooms
  • a number of children's attractions and opportunities for sports activities

All outdoor exhibits are furnished with explanatory boards.