Biological attractions

Puvodni bucinyOne of the reasons for establishing the national natural monument of Landek in close proximity of the Mining Museum is protection of local natural forest growth, which is rarely found elsewhere in areas under intensive cultivation. The main original species are beech, pedunculate oak, durmast oak, hornbeam and maple. Some of the local beech trees are more than 150 years old. Another reason for protection here is the free presence of the rare Martagon lily.

One of the rare and interesting animal species at this site is rove beetle. Endangered bird species are represented by middle-spotted woodpecker, spotted flycatcher or corn-crake. At night, bats fly out of the deserted adits.

The nature preservation authorities try to gradually reduce all of the non-original woods, mainly birch trees, locust trees and poplar trees, and remove aggressive self-seeding growth such as Japanese knotweed and black elder.