Geological attractions

Uhlené slojeIn the area of Landek Park, visitors can see a sporadic geological situation: bassets of Carboniferous coal-bearing strata directly to the surface, which - at this scale - is virtually unparalleled in the world. This was also one of the reasons for establishing the Landek national natural monument: here it can be clearly seen how these layers were formed.

At Landek it is possible to see both Petřkov and Hrušov layers coming to the surface as well as the rock separating them, the so-called mained Ostrava hone stone. The large quantity of ash contained in it indicates that the period of formation of Petřkov and Hrušov layers was interrupted by a violent volcanic activity

It is also possible to see bassets of coal seams leading directly to the surface. Some of them are over half a metre thick, for example the "Unexpected” seam near the Anselm mine gate is over 80 centimetres thick.

Geological objects of interest can be found both in the area of Landek Park and along the natural trail in the outer surroundings. A lot of relevant information related to these is provided directly in the expositions of the museum.